Academy for a Healthy Iowa

ICCC initiated the concept for an academy awards program recognizing outstanding models and leadership in health and wellness in Iowa. Receiving broad-based support for the effort, ICCC collaborated with the Wellness Council of Iowa to move from idea to implementation.

The first Academy Awards for a Healthy Iowa were presented on October 1, 2009 at a gala event. Primary sponsors included the originators of the ICCC, the State of Iowa, the Department of Public Health, Iowa Health System, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Nutrition, Des Moines University, and United Health Care. The Academy consolidates a variety of existing spurious awards and builds special recognition programs designating healthy communities, healthy employers, healthy schools and outstanding organizational and personal leadership for health and wellness in Iowa.

The Academy for a Healthy Iowa is now organized by the Wellness Council of Iowa. For more information go to www.wellnessiowa.org.