Clinical Health Coach

The Iowa Chronic Care Consortium has worked tirelessly for more than a decade to explore and evaluate innovative care strategies that reduce the reduce the burden of chronic disease for entire populations—one individual at a time.

This work led to a strong belief that a re-tooled healthcare workforce is essential. One capable of tapping into the capability of the patient—the greatest under-utilized resource in healthcare. Designed with partners in the clinical setting, ICCC has launched a program that develops a very particular set of skills to engage and activate patients, promote self-care skills, improve clinical outcomes and lower health care costs. It prepares physicians, nurses, care coordinators, care managers, health coaches and other healthcare professionals with proven motivational techniques, communication skills and practice improvement strategies to inspire patient accountability and implement population health. This unique training re-tools the healthcare team with Clinical Health Coaching skills like no other program currently program.

If you or your organization seeks to build an effective and sustainable leader skill set, please Click Below to read about the performance focused Clinical Health Coach Training Options!

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