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Clinical Health Coach® Training Program

More than 145 million people – or nearly half of all Americans – live with chronic conditions.  Hospitals, clinics and providers within our communities face the common challenge of serving and caring for an increasing number of patients with chronic conditions, many with multiple chronic conditions.  Successfully managing chronic conditions is complex.  Thirty to fifty percent of patients leave their provider visits without understanding their treatment plan, and hospitalized patients retain only 10 percent of their discharge teaching instructions.  Better strategies of engaging and communicating with patients must be implemented to improve health outcomes.  True engagement involves an important shift by healthcare providers from “teaching and telling” to “listening and engaging”.  At the same time, healthcare organizations must transform to new models of care to address the current fragmentation of services and lack of care coordination.  Within this new structure, there is a role for the “Clinical Health Coach(R)“.

ICCC offers two options for training.  Both programs offer participants health coaching and care management strategies to “Transform the Conversation” and “Transform the Care”.

Clinical Health Coach(R) Online is designed for individuals and healthcare organizations that seek to improve the health outcomes of their patients by activity engaging them in self-management support and providing them true patient-centered care.

  • Self-paced, can review materials as often as needed
  • Scalable to entire healthcare teams
  • Convenient
  • Reduced time away from the work environment

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Clinical Health Coach(R) Fusion Training has emerged from the experience of training hundreds of healthcare professionals in both Clinical Health Coach Training Onsite and Clinical Health Coach Training Online along with the commitment to meet interests of those who have requested “elements of both”. We are pleased to offer this new additional choice within our menu of training options. Clinical Health Coach Fusion Training combines the flexibility and valuable standalone elements addressed in the Clinical Health Coach Training Online (click here to review the online training curriculum) with an engaging onsite Two-Day Live Intensive featuring highly rated elements from flagship Clinical Health Coach Training Onsite.

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FLEX CareTM is a research-based interpersonal communication training program based on psychological type theory. It is designed to provide health care providers with practical tools and techniques that can build trust between patient and provider; enhance relationships and patient satisfaction; and improve patient outcomes. Participants learn to recognize their own preferred style of communication and to identify behavior cues that indicate personal interaction styles in others. This allows the health care provider the knowledge to adjust conveying and receiving communications in specific ways for improved outcomes.

FLEX CareTM is offered through current ICCC training programs and is also available as a stand-alone workshop. ICCC believes that FLEX CareTM aligns with the vision of increasing the capacity of providers to deliver effective chronic care strategies. FLEX CareTM has been rated as a key component by participants of ICCC’s training programs to date. It also holds high promise for use with providers in quality improvement related to patient relations and outcomes.

Health Coaching Techniques: Improving Outcomes in Prevention and Care of Chronic Disease

ICCC provides training and education to health care professionals which allows them to use their current knowledge in their respective discipline, and “flex” their communication with patients in a way that allows the patient to be involved in making changes to improve their risk prevention or chronic care management. Too often health care professionals function as “educators” rather than “coaches”, thereby not empowering patients to impact and improve their own health outcomes. Through health coaching, quality of care and patient health outcomes can be enhanced, and costs associated with disease prevention and management can be decreased.

These training and education opportunities are typically stand-alone workshops and are scheduled intermittently throughout the year.  In the fall of 2012, ICCC partnered with OPUS Science to deliver complimentary, one-day workshops focused on coaching strategies for Multiple Sclerosis.

For more information or to discuss opportunities for contracted programs in your location, contact Kathy Kunath at or 515-971-3234.