Certificate of Competency

In conjunction with the Clinical Health Coach® Training Program, the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium offers an optional Certificate of Competency as a Clinical Health Coach®.  The Certificate serves as a  performance validation of the skills and knowledge gained through the training.  

Organizations commonly use the Certificate for these reasons: 

  • As evidence that a new health coach/care management staff have achieved completion of a standardized curriculum.   
  • As a skills based performance standard in workforce training for health coaching/care management staff.
  • To authenticate knowledge of quality of care and patient-centered strategies that address improved patient/family engagement.
  • To market, to the public, the high value of utilizing trained health coaching staff as an integral part of the organization’s healthcare team.

Individuals commonly seek the Certificate of Competency for these reasons: 

  • To prepare themselves for positions in the new and more proactive healthcare workforce. 
  • To increase their relational and clinical effectiveness in working with patients with chronic conditions.
  • To build a resume that includes not only training in health coaching, but validation of skills through the performance evaluation.

The Clinical Health Coach® Certificate is awarded to participants who receive a passing score and demonstrate key core competency skills in three areas of health coaching.  They are evaluated through :

  1.  A recorded, telephone-base, measurable skills evaluation with a standardized patient (must pass with a minimum score of 30 out of 40 points)
  2.  A written exam (must receive a score of at least 75%)
  3. Additionally, the participant must complete a learning project charter (an overview of an organizational project that they will work on throughout the training program). 

The competency evaluation of coaching skills will be scheduled at the completion of the training program and requires an additional registration fee of $195. 

On average, 80% of participants pass the competency evaluation the first time, and 95% pass with retesting.  Successful candidates are typically actively engaged in coaching skills practice both during and after the CHC Training Program.