Foundational Elements

Foundational Elements of the Clinical Health Coach® Training Program

The Institute of Medicine has outlined a framework of improved patient care through provision of patient-centered care, working in interdisciplinary teams to deliver reliable care coordination, evidence-based practice protocols, application of quality improvement and the use of informatics. The Clinical Health Coach® Training Program addresses each of these concepts by blending foundational curriculum in the Chronic Care Model, Motivational Interviewing, FLEX Care® Healthcare Communications, and Project Management principles. Participants will emerge with enhanced skills in health coaching techniques and communications, and an understanding of effective care management models and processes, population health management and leadership skills.

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Outcomes Driven Approach

The Clinical Health Coach® Training program is designed to teach practical skills that result in improved health and clinical outcomes while providing a positive financial impact to healthcare organizations. Strategies focus on:

  1. Improved health literacy for patients
  2. Improved patient adherence to treatment plans
  3. Improved patient experience and satisfaction
  4. Increased provider visits for healthcare maintenance
  5. Reduced 30 day readmission rates
  6. Improved healthcare team effectiveness and workflow

The Clinical Health Coach® Training Program centers on the Chronic Care Model goals of combining a more prepared, pro-active healthcare team with an engaged, activated patient to improve patient health outcomes.

Target Audience

The target audience includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Diabetes Educators, Certified Medical Assistants, Care Coordinators, Case Managers, and other healthcare professionals who work in medical settings that support patients with chronic conditions. Appropriate settings may include primary care and specialty care clinics, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs, case management services, “Chronic Illness Management” departments, Heart Failure programs, Diabetes Education programs, Home Health/Visiting Nurse Service agencies, Pharmacies, Registered Dietitian consultants, medical fitness professionals, and health coach consultants.

Clinical Health Coach(R) Training Program Profile

The Clinical Health Coach(R) Training Program is a five-week experience engaging participants with certified health coach professionals, behavioral change specialists, clinical operations personnel and fellow professional in health coaching practice.  The capstone of this experience is a blend of health coaching, communications and leadership skills and a completed project plan, customized to your organization’s interest.