Clinical Health Coach Online

Clinical Health Coach Online (launched in March 2013) is a flexible, self-paced program built on the foundational success of the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium’s live training program offered since 2008.  Over the past five years, ICCC has received numerous requests to provide an alternative to the live events that would allow registrants to learn powerful new population health strategies, along with health coaching skills – from the convenience of their own computers.  Clinical Health Coach Online is the answer to those requests.

Clinical Health Coach Online allows health care professionals to attain new skills in health coaching that “Transform the Conversation” and “Transform the Care.”

The Clinical Health Coach curriculum builds on the philosophy that the greatest untapped resources in health care are patients themselves, and that activation of these patients in reclaiming responsibility for their health is the greatest priority.

The focus of this 26- hour, video-based online course is:

  • Emphasis in patient engagement strategies through a health coaching approach
  • Exploration of a wide variety of health coaching skills that can be learned and effectively used by anyone on the health care team, that results in a patient-centric environment
  • Clinical assessments, tools and documents that support the guided care process and patient selected goals for behavior change
  • Population health strategies to engage your entire panel of patients
  • Effective health care communications to improve health literacy

Target audiences include:

  • Individuals and organizations who wish to train an array of health care staff in coaching and care management strategies to improve patient engagement and patient-centered care in any setting – Patient Centered Medical Home, Health Home, ACO case and care managers, and others addressing primary health care needs
  • Professionals who wish to build their knowledge of health coaching through self-paced learning