FLEX Care™

FLEX Care is a research-based interpersonal communication training program based on psychological type theory. It is designed to provide health care providers with practical tools and techniques that can build trust between patient and provider; enhance relationships and patient satisfaction; and improve patient outcomes. Participants learn to recognize their own preferred style of communication and to identify behavior cues that indicate personal interaction styles in others. This allows the health care provider the knowledge to adjust conveying and receiving communications in specific ways for improved outcomes.

FLEX Care is offered through current ICCC training programs and is also available as a stand-alone workshop. ICCC believes that FLEX Care aligns with the vision of increasing the capacity of providers to deliver effective chronic care strategies. FLEX Care has been rated as a key component by participants of ICCC’s training programs to date. It also holds high promise for use with providers in quality improvement related to patient relations and outcomes.

For more information, contact Kathy Kunath @ 515-971-3234 or kathy.kunath@iowaccc.com