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Clinical Health Coach® training onsite

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The Clinical Health Coach® training onsite is a 5-week experience designed for healthcare professionals who desire to attain skills in chronic care management through proactive, patient-centered strategies. Healthcare organizations must transform to new models of care to address the current fragmentation of services and lack of care coordination. Within this new structure, the role of “Clinical Health Coach” is key to achieving positive health and clinical outcomes. The curriculum builds on the philosophy that patients are the greatest untapped resources in reclaiming responsibility for their own health.

The focus of this 40-hour program is:

  • In-class curriculum in patient engagement strategies that includes health coaching skills and telephonic support for coaching skills development
  • In-class curriculum in healthcare communications skills to improve health literacy
  • Leadership training to support team-based models
  • Guidance in designing and implementing the health coach/care management role within your organization
  • Exploration of innovative care management models
  • Expanded roles for a variety of healhcare professionals in the inter-related connections of ACOs, Medical Neighborhoods, or community-based care models

Target audiences include:

  • Clinical staff serving as health coaches in support of the Patient Centered Medical Home or Health Home within both private and public health primary care, case managers, care managers in ACOs, and others
  • Healthcare organizations that are interested in building a “system of care” that includes a designated leadership role for health coaching/care management
  • Healthcare professionals with a learning style that prefers an “onsite” and highly interactive training experience

The program has been offered in Des Moines, IA and Denver, CO.  Dates & Locations for 2014 will be regularly updated on the website.  In addition, organizations seeking to have the program delivered locally and can provide 40 registrants can contact ICCC to discuss a program tailored to their needs.

For more information or to discuss contracted programs in your location, contact Kathy Kunath at or 515-971-3234.

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